The Office has a diverse range of key stakeholders with different interests, needs and levels of influence. This includes groups directly influenced by its services, people involved in the WA correctional system, and those with a wider interest in social justice, human rights and corrections.

Diagram of the Office's primary, secondary and tertiary stakeholders


We engage with these groups through a variety of methods including:

Community Reference Group

A process has been developed to inform and consult with the community in relation to the Office’s work and findings. Meetings are regularly held with a constituted Community Reference Group composed of representatives from a variety of groups who provide community perspectives on matters relevant to adult and juvenile custodial services in this state.  The current membership includes Aboriginal Legal Service, Outcare, Ruah, Social Responsibilities Commission, Youth Legal Services, the Prison Reform Group and Statewide Indigenous Mental Health. The group brings knowledge and expertise to the function of the Inspectorate, discusses policy matters and shares ideas relevant to this Office’s development and future direction.

Our current members are representatives from:

    • Aboriginal Legal Service
    • Deaths in Custody Watch Committee
    • Federal Attorney General’s Department
    • Indigenous mental health services
    • Prison Reform Group of WA
    • Ruah Community Services
    • Social Responsibilities Commission
    • Youth Legal Service


Pre-Inspection Consultation

The inspection of the state’s juvenile and adult custodial facilities includes a process whereby community members are invited to provide feedback as well as agencies identified by the facility as ‘service providers’. The consultation process explores their experience of the facility, the custodial and non-custodial staff and the persons in the custody.  This input can impact on themes to be explored during the inspection.


Page last updated: 20 Jun 2018

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